Onuma National park & ranch

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    Visita panorámica, Recorrido en la naturaleza, Meal included

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On this tour, we can enjoy Hokkaido's nature to the full. Firstly, we will go to Onuma National Park where we can immerse ourselves in Hokkaido's nature. The most attractive part of the park is located between the two lakes and can be explored entirely on foot. There are also sightseeing boat tours offered every 40 minutes, lasting about 30 minutes (NOT INCLUDED IN THIS TOUR; it will cost an additional 1100 yen per person, which must be paid on the spot). Next, we will go to Paard Musée (the ranch) and have lunch there. We will experience a hands-on programme intended for people with no experience of horses, which places a particular focus on younger children. Participants learn about the evolution, history, lifestyle and behaviour of horses. It is generally believed that horses are incapable of understanding human speech. However, words are only one form of communication; affectionate interaction based on feeding, grooming etc. are alternative forms of communication that help to build emotional bonds. After the programme, we can enjoy free time in the ranch or try another activity programme such as horseback riding, which is subject to an extra charge. Then we will return to the port.

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Onuma National park & ranch

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Onuma National park & ranch

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