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Discover Vladivostok's intriguing past and present with a visit to a fascinating museum and the city’s imposing fortress, exploring its picturesque corners and seeking out evocative views before concluding the day with some souvenir shopping.

Lo que vamos a ver
  • Zolotoj Bridge
  • Eagle's Nest and monument to Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius
  • Scientific Museum
  • Sportivnaya Gavan
  • Vladivostok Fortress
  • Central Square
  • Souvenir shopping

Lo que haremos
  • On today's tour we will travel by coach to begin our discovery of Vladivostok, a famous yet rarely visited city in the far east of Russia. Located in the hills overlooking Golden Horn Bay, the city has retained its ancient roots while embracing modernity and offers a fascinating insight into Russian culture.
  • We will travel along Zolotoj Bridge suspended above the bay, its spectacular white supports contrasting spectacularly with the blue ocean, to reach the Eagle’s Nest, a viewpoint located at the highest point of the city and offering stunning views over the ocean and the harbour below.
  • We will admire the monument to Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius, dubbed the "Apostles to the Slavs” and venerated throughout Russia. The statue of the two saints is backed by a futuristic metal sculpture, exemplifying the unique fusion of old and new and providing the perfect foreground for some artistic photography.
  • Our next stop is the Scientific Museum where we will have some free time to explore the interesting exhibits curated by the museum. The artefacts illustrate the geography, history, flora and fauna of the area and offer an unmissable opportunity to learn more about this fascinating region.
  • Opposite the museum stands a magnificent Russian Orthodox Church. The church is open to visitors offers a fascinating insight into Russian culture and spiritualism.
  • We will continue our tour at the picturesque port of Sportivnaya Gavan, one of the city’s most popular districts and a bustling centre of cafés, street food stalls and entertainment.
  • A short walk leads us to Vladivostok Fortress, a complex system of fortifications built by Russian military engineers during the Tsardom at the end of the nineteenth century. We will visit explore the fortress and admire sweeping views of the bay, the commanding position overlooking both town and ocean serving as a testament to its former strategic importance.
  • Our next destination is Central Square. Situated close to the port, the square regularly hosts events and markets and offers an excellent opportunity to take some memorable photographs of the buildings and monuments that surround it.
  • We will end our tour with some free time in a souvenir shop, where we can browse traditional Russian crafts and artwork such as brightly coloured shawls, samovar, exquisitely painted boxes, matryoshka dolls, jewellery and crafts carved from wood and amber.

Qué hay que saber

Please Note: the order of the itinerary may vary.The bus ride depends on the order of the itinerary. Space is limited, therefore we strongly suggest to book early. Due to travel season in Japan, heavy traffic jam will be expected. There is no time to exchange money in the port, preparing local money or Usd/Euro is strongly recommended. The clear view of the landscape is subject to the weather conditions. Wear low-heeled, comfortable walking shoes. Guides are limited in number, in case Korean speaking guide will not be available the tour will run in Japanese.

English & other European tour guides are subject to availability. ?