The legendary Trans-Siberian Railway and tour of Vladivostok

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    Visita panorámica, Cultural, Lunch not included

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Today's tour travels a section of the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway, offering wonderful views of the surrounding countryside, before exploring the fascinating city of Vladivostok and visiting a vintage car museum.

Lo que vamos a ver
  • Vladivostok Railway Station
  • Train journey along the Trans-Siberian Railway
  • Vintage Car Museum
  • Zolotoj Bridge
  • Eagle’s Nest
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Central Square

Lo que haremos
  • Our first destination is Vladivostok Railway Station situated in the heart of the city, a historic building dating to 1897 and the eastern terminal of the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway which connects Russia’s Asian outpost to Moscow and Europe.
  • We will step aboard a train and experience the thrill of travelling a section of the historic rail route which has long attracted travellers with its promise of adventurous journeys and exotic destinations.
  • We will travel through the evocative countryside that surrounds Vladivostok, admiring the coastline and the dense forests dotted with “dacha”, the traditional wooden log cabins which rose in popularity during the reign of Peter the Great.
  • At the end of our train ride we will return to the coach and travel to a fascinating Vintage Car Museum, observing over 50 models of vintage car and motorcycle manufactured between the twenties and seventies in the Soviet Union and beyond. All of the vehicles are in full working order and are used for military parades, film sets and photo shoots.
  • We will return by coach to the city centre by crossing the famous Zolotoj Bridge, a dramatic suspension bridge whose striking white supports contrast spectacularly with the blue ocean.
  • Our next destination is the dramatic Eagle’s Nest, a viewpoint located at the highest point of the city and offering stunning views over the ocean and the harbour below.
  • We will visit a souvenir shop where we can browse the vast selection of goods on offer and choose some unique keepsakes to take back home.
  • Our tour concludes with a visit to Central Square, a popular area of the city often used to host events and markets and offering an excellent opportunity to take some memorable photographs of the city’s palaces and monuments before we return to the ship.